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The swimming season runs from 1st October each year through to the 30th September the following year. To get the maximum benefit from your swimming season, the ideal time to register is mid October when we commence training. However, new members are welcome to join at any time of the summer and winter seasons.

To become a member of Kootingal-Moonbi Swimming Club, swimmers must register with Swimming NSW. This annual registration includes membership to Kootingal-Moonbi SC and also insurance coverage whilst attending club activities. Children and/or adults cannot swim with the squad if their registration has not been paid. Kootingal-Moonbi SC requires ALL children under the age of 18 years, that they MUST have a parent or guardian join as a Non Swimmer or a Swimmer. For more information on registration please contact our registrar  at  [email protected]

Apparel & Training Equipment

Training equipment and apparel are available from the club at reduced prices. Please see our Apparel/Equipment Officer if you would like to purchase any items.


Please see our club registrar for details


Kootingal-Moonbi’s 2023-2024 summer season will run from Monday, 16th October 2023 until the end of March 2024, approx 23 weeks. The training fees below are for the whole season.

These fees include a FREE training session on Tuesday nights, providing that you attend either a Monday, Wednesday,Thursday or Friday night training session. If you do not attend one of these nights, then casual training fees will apply.

* The 4th Swimmer trains for free, provided that they have paid for a full Swimmer Registration with K.M.S.C. (not a Non Swimmer Registration).

Please note that these fees are separate to K.M.S.C.’s Registration/Membership Fees

A , B , C & D SQUADS;


$253.05 – First swimmer for the season
$224.18 – Second swimmer for the season
$206.85 – Third swimmer for the season
                 4th Swimmer Free 


$328.13 – First swimmer for the season
$305.03 – Second swimmer for the season
$287.70 – Third swimmer for the season
               4th Swimmer Free 


$374.33 – First swimmer for the season
$345.45 – Second swimmer for the season
$310.80 – Third swimmer for the season
              4th Swimmer Free 


$399.00 – First swimmer for the season.                                                                                                            $369.60 – Second  swimmer for the season                                                                                                      $339.15 – Third swimmer for the season                                                                                                                      4th Swimmer Free 



$177.98 – First swimmer for the Season
$166.43 – Second swimmer for the Season
$154.88 – Third or more swimmers for the Season                                                                                                         


$270.38 – First swimmer for the Season
$253.05 – Second swimmer for the Season
$235.73 – Third or more swimmers for the Season                                                                                                          

CASUAL SWIMS:  $15.00 per swimmer per session

*The above fees DO NOT include Pool Entry.

How To Register

New members, please contact our Club Registrar


2015 KMSC Constitution – May 2015 Final

Please click on the link below for our Club Constitution.

Club By-Laws and Rules

Please click here for the  By-Laws for Kootingal-Moonbi SC.

Code of Conduct/ Member Protection Policy/Working With Children Check

Please click here for the Swimming Australia Behavioural Guidelines.

Working with children more information: https://check.kids.nsw.gov.au/

Please click on the link below for the KMSC Member Protection Policy

Club Night/Point Score

Please click on the link below for our Point Score Rules


Club Nights /Point Score are held each Tuesday night throughout the summer season starting at 5.45pm. It is a great opportunity for swimmers of ALL ages and abilities to race in a non-competitive atmosphere. Not only do the kids have fun, but it is also an opportunity for parents to socialize in a relaxed environment. At the conclusion of the night’s events, we have our famous BBQ. The canteen is also open, selling drinks and sweets etc.

At the beginning of each summer season, swimmers will start off in the same grade as they finished in from the previous season. For new swimmers, their first night’s times will be a trial and they will be graded accordingly. Point Score grades DO NOT reflect what squad you are in for training. We ask that swimmers report to the table under the awning of the shed to have their names marked off with our Point Score Co-ordinator.

Points are awarded each night you swim, based on YOUR improvement. It does NOT matter where you finish a race, it’s all about improving your own PB! 

We need LOTS of parent helpers each Point Score Night, to help make it run smoothly. When the call goes out for help, please offer your services to help out at one of the following jobs: Timekeeping, Marshalling, Running, helping out with the BBQ and setting up of food. The club encourages ALL parents to assist, if we do not have enough parent help at Point Score, the nights will not be able to be run.

Once the Point Score events have finished for the night there is STRICTLY NOBODY ALLOWED IN THE POOL, whilst the BBQ is on, unless you are helping with the removal of the lane ropes – this is a rule of Tamworth Regional Council. We also must be vacated from the Pool Grounds by 7.45pm each Tuesday.

At our Annual Presentation Night, trophies are awarded to the swimmers who have gained the most points in each grade/each stroke.

* Point Score has four different grades:

D GRADE – Which is for the beginners, or new members. Swimmers will do 25m of each stroke, 100m Individual Medley and a 50m distance swim. All new members must start in D Grade (regardless of ability and progress from there, once the times have been broken for each stroke.

C GRADE-  Once  swimmers have achieved certain times they then move up to C Grade. C Grade swimmers will do the following swims – 50m of each stroke, 100m Medley and a 100m Distance Swim.

B GRADE – Once  swimmers have achieved certain times they then move up to B Grade. B Grade swimmers will do the following swims – 100m Freestyle, Backstroke & Breaststroke. 50m Butterfly. 200m Individual Medley and a 200m Distance Swim.

A GRADE –  Once swimmers go to A Grade , they will do the following swims –  50m & 100m of all strokes, 200m Individual Medley and a 200/400m Distance swim.

If you have any questions regarding Point Score please see our Point Score Co-Ordinator(s) at training or you can contact them at:  [email protected]

Club Championship Records

Boys5yrs/u25m FreestyleJaymon Fenn31:722014
Boys6yrs25m FreestyleWill Walsh22:002015
Boys7yrs25m FreestyleWill Walsh18:352016
Boys 6yrs50m FreestyleThomas McDougall1:03.132019
Boys7yrs50m FreestyleThomas McDougall45:682020
Boys8yrs50m FreestyleWill Walsh39:212017
Boys9yrs50m FreestyleThomas McDougall37:122022
Boys10yrs50m FreestyleThomas McDougall34:322023
Boys11yrs50m FreestyleAedan Bijnens33:162023
Boys12yrs50m FreestyleNathaniel Stimson31:172022
Boys13yrs50m FreestyleHugh Mitchell30:632023
Boys14yrs50m FreestyleKelby McLean31:442016
Boys15yrs50m FreestyleRobert Murphy30:912023
Boys16yrs & Over50m FreestyleJoshua Nash25:912017
Boys8yrs100m Freestyle Thomas McDougall1:29.322021
Boys9yrs100m Freestyle Thomas McDougall1:20.022022
Boys10yrs100m Freestyle Thomas McDougall1:13.882023
Boys11yrs100m FreestyleJoshua Nash1:14.442011
Boys12yrs100m FreestyleNathaniel Stimson1:09.522022
Boys13yrs100m FreestyleJoshua Nash1:03.972013
Boys14yrs100m FreestyleJoshua Nash1:00.292014
Boys15yrs100m FreestyleJoshua Nash59:032015
Boys16yrs & Over100m FreestyleJoshua Nash58:062017
Boys11yrs200m FreestyleHugh Mitchell2:44.542021
Boys12yrs200m FreestyleNathaniel Stimson2:36.022022
Boys13yrs200m freestyleHugh Mitchell2:30.332023
Boys14yrs200m Freestyle Joshua Nash2:22.632014
Boys15yrs200m FreestyleJoshua Nash2:18.662015
Boys16yrs & Over200m Freestyle Joshua Nash2:14.192017
Girls5yrs/u25m FreestyleOlivia Saunders26:912009
Girls6yrs25m FreestyleOlivia Saunders22:812010
Girls7yrs25m FreestyleOlivia Saunders19:162011
Girls5yrs50m FreestyleJemma Mackay1:11.702019
Girls6yrs50m FreestyleJemma Mackay1:00.362020
Girls7yrs50m FreestyleJemma Mackay48:992021
Girls8yrs50m FreestyleTara Betts39:871995
Girls9yrs50m FreestyleHannah Walsh37:652017
Girls10yrs50m FreestyleOlivia Saunders34:722014
Girls11yrs50m FreestyleTijana Coxhead33:572016
Girls12yrs50m FreestyleCaitlin Grobler32:452021
Girls13yrs50m FreestyleImogen Wright31:432017
Girls14yrs50m FreestyleColbie Butler29:702023
Girls15yrs50m FreestyleEmily Deasey30:502020
Girls16yrs & Over50m FreestyleEmily Deasey31:142021
Girls8yrs100m Freestyle Chelsea Smith1:36.392018
Girls9yrs100m Freestyle Abbey Trewern1:25.712017
Girls10yrs100m Freestyle Olivia Saunders1:14.912014
Girls11yrs100m FreestyleAlana Williams1:17.472015
Girls12yrs100m FreestyleCaitlin Grobler1:12.602021
Girls13yrs100m FreestyleEmma Poetschka1:09.362007
Girls14yrs100m FreestyleColbie Butler1:07.052023
Girls15yrs100m FreestyleMaddy Robinson1:05.662011
Girls16yrs & Over100m FreestyleEmily Deasey1:07.622021
Girls11yrs200m Freestyle Tijana Coxhead2:43.402016
Girls12yrs200m FreestyleEllie Webster2:41.882020
Girls13yrs200m Freestyle Ellie Webster2:36..272021
Girls14yrs200m Freestyle Colbie Butler2:28.322023
Girls15yrs200m Freestyle Emily Deasey2:31.622020
Girls16yrs & Over200m FreestyleEmily Deasey2:29.412021
Boys5yrs/u25m ButterflyThomas McDougall44:952018
Boys6yrs25m ButterflySamuel Ellicott27:062008
Boys7yrs25m ButterflyThomas McDougall22:682020
Boys8yrs25m ButterflySamuel Ellicott20:782010
Boys8yrs50m ButterflyThomas McDougall45:202021
Boys9yrs50m ButterflyThomas McDougall39:402022
Boys10yrs50m ButterflyThomas McDougall36:212023
Boys11yrs50m ButterflyAedan Bijnens35:542023
Boys12yrs50m ButterflyNathaniel Stimson33:312022
Boys13yrs50m ButterflyLuke Deasey34:382016
Boys14yrs50m ButterflyKelby McLean36:562016
Boys15yrs50m ButterflySimon Mattheus35:202022
Boys16yrs & Over50m ButterflyJoshua Nash29:252017
Boys 11yrs100m ButterflyAedan Bijnens
Boys 12yrs100m ButterflyNathaniel Stimson1:17.742022
Boys13yrs100m ButterflyLuke Deasey1:16.102016
Boys14yrs100m ButterflyJoshua Nash1:16.382014
Boys15yrs100m ButterflyJeremy Eather1:11.222004
Boys16yrs & Over100m ButterflyKyle Eather1:07.592009
Girls5yrs & Under25m ButterflyTara Betts32:911989
Girls6yrs25m ButterflyOlivia Saunders26:212010
Girls7yrs25m ButterflyOlivia Saunders21:842011
Girls8yrs25m ButterflyOlivia Saunders19:662012
Girls 8yrs50m ButterflyChelsea Smith50:002018
Girls9yrs50m ButterflyOlivia Saunders39:722013
Girls10yrs50m ButterflyOlivia Saunders36:062014
Girls11yrs50m ButterflyEmma Poetschka38:722005
Girls 12yrs50m ButterflyCaitlin Grobler35:802021
Girls13yrs50m ButterflyEve Cannon35:262023
Girls14yrs50m ButterflyCaitlin Grobler34:102023
Girls 15yrs50m ButterflyEmily Deasey33:712020
Girls16yrs & Over50m ButterflyEmily Deasey33:362021
Girls11yrs100m ButterflySamantha O'Neill1:28.322016
Girls12yrs 100m ButterflyCaitlin Grobler1:24.552021
Girls13yrs100m ButterflyEmma Poetschka1:18.382007
Girls14yrs 100m ButterflyEllie Camilleri1:17.472012
Girls15yrs100m ButterflyAnna Camilleri1:17.092011
Girls16yrs & Over100m ButterflyEmma Poetschka1:16.162011
Boys5yrs & Under25m BreaststrokeJaymon Fenn48:562014
Boys 6yrs25m BreaststrokeScott Jackson34:041992
Boys7yrs25m BreaststrokeTrent Eather27:722004
Boys8yrs50m BreaststrokeJoshua Nash54:342008
Boys9yrs50m BreaststrokeAedan Bijnens50:562021
Boys10yrs50m BreaststrokeJoshua Nash43:382010
Boys11yrs50m BreaststrokeAedan Bijnens43:952023
Boys12yrs50m BreaststrokeNathaniel Stimson41:702022
Boys13yrs50m BreaststrokeHugh Mitchell43:322023
Boys14yrs 50m BreaststrokeKelby McLean40:662016
Boys15yrs50m BreaststrokeChristopher Bracken42:132019
Boys16yrs & Over50m BreaststrokeJoshua Nash35:252017
Boys11yrs100m BreaststrokeJoshua Nash1:38.092011
Boys 12yrs100m BreaststrokeNathaniel Stimson1:30.732022
Boys13yrs100m BreaststrokeJoshua Nash1:26.182013
Boys14yrs100m BreaststrokeJoshua Nash1:21.842014
Boys15yrs100m BreaststrokeJoshua Nash1:20.322015
Boys16yrs & Over100m BreaststrokeJoshua Nash1:19.532016
Girls5yrs & Under25m BreaststrokeOlivia Saunders39:592009
Girls6yrs25m BreaststrokeOlivia Saunders31:222010
Girls7yrs25m BreaststrokeOlivia Saunders27:472011
Girls8yrs50m BreaststrokeOlivia Saunders52:752012
Girls9yrs50m BreaststrokeRuby Rule46:262023
Girls 10yrs50m BreaststrokeOlivia Saunders44:312014
Girls11yrs50m BreaststrokeJaime Grobler43:712021
Girls12yrs50m BreaststrokeSamantha O'Neill43:472017
Girls13yrs50m BreaststrokeLauren Barnes41:812021
Girls14yrs50m BreaststrokeColbie Butler42:482023
Girls15yrs50m BreaststrokeEmily Deasey40:602020
Girls 16yrs & Over50m BreaststrokeHelena Spykstra43:352022
Girls11yrs100m BreaststrokeJaime Grobler1:33.432021
Girls12yrs100m BreaststrokeGemma Eather1:33.812007
Girls13yrs100m BreaststrokeHelen Nolan1:29.971998
Girls14yrs100m BreaststrokeLauren Barnes1:29.202022
Girls15yrs100m BreaststrokeEmily Deasey1:27.562020
Girls16yrs & Over100m BreaststrokeAnna Camilleri1:33.222012
Boys5yrs & Under25m BackstrokeThomas McDougall45:902018
Boys6yrs25m BackstrokeSamuel Ellicott33:092008
Boys7yrs25m BackstrokeWill Walsh23:812016
Boys8yrs50m BackstrokeThomas McDougall45:282021
Boys9yrs50m BackstrokeThomas McDougall43:192022
Boys10yrs50m BackstrokeThomas McDougall40:082023
Boys11yrs50m BackstrokeCharlie Walsh39:312017
Boys12yrs50m BackstrokeNathaniel Stimson37:722022
Boys 13yrs50m BackstrokeJoe Laurie38:602023
Boys14yrs50m BackstrokeKelby McLean37:632016
Boys15yrs50m BackstrokeSimon Mattheus36:082022
Boys 16yrs & Over50m BackstrokeJoshua Nash32:842017
Boys11yrs100m BackstrokeCharlie Walsh1:26.752017
Boys12yrs100m BackstrokeNathaniel Stimson1:23.422022
Boys13yrs100m BackstrokeJoshua Nash1:21.002013
Boys14yrs100m BackstrokeJoshua Nash1:15.722014
Boys15yrs100m BackstrokeKyle Eather1:16.002008
Boys16yrs & Over100m BackstrokeKyle Eather1:11.652009
Girls5yrs & Under25m BackstrokeOlivia Saunders39:472009


6yrs25m BackstrokePenny Westman30:201982
Girls7yrs25m BackstrokeOlivia Saunders25:712011
Girls8yrs50m BackstrokeOlivia Saunders48:722012
Girls9yrs50m BackstrokeOlivia Saunders45:222013
Girls10yrs50m BackstrokeOlivia Saunders40:812014
Girls11yrs50m BackstrokeTijana Coxhead40:852016
Girls12yrs50m BackstrokeCaitlin Grobler39:572021
Girls13yrs50m BackstrokeLauren Barnes38:722021
Girls14yrs50m BackstrokeCaitlin Grobler36:332023
Girls15yrs50m BackstrokeEmily Deasey37:952020
Girls 16yrs & Over50m BackstrokeEmily Deasey37:092021
Girls11yrs100m BackstrokeTijana Coxhead1:28.842016
Girls12yrs100m BackstrokeCaitlin Grobler1:28.452021
Girls13yrs100m BackstrokeEmma Poetschka1:20.882007
Girls14yrs100m BackstrokeEllie Camilleri1:19.542012
Girls15yrs100m BackstrokeMaddy Robinson1:19.032011
Girls16yrs & Over100m BackstrokeEmma Poetschka1:15.192011
Boys5yrs & Under100m Individual Medley
Boys6yrs100m Individual MedleySamuel Ellicott2:39.562008
Boys7yrs100m Individual MedleyThomas McDougall1:55.342020
Boys8yrs100m Individual MedleyThomas McDougall1:40.982021
Boys9yrs100m Individual MedleyThomas McDougall1:34.762022
Boys10yrs100m Individual MedleyLuke Johnstone / Joshua Nash1:34.012010
Boys10yrs200m Individual MedleyThomas McDougall3:06.092023
Boys 11yrs100m Individual MedleyJoshua Nash1:28.032011
Boys11yrs200m Individual MedleyZachary Bradford3:08.072021
Boys12yrs200m Individual MedleyNathaniel Stimson2:53.892022
Boys13yrs200m Individual MedleyJoshua Nash2:48.472013
Boys14yrs200m Individual MedleyJoshua Nash2:38.752014
Boys15yrs200m Individual MedleyJeremy Eather2:45.862004
Boys16yrs & Over200m Individual MedleyKyle Eather2:38.932009
Girls5yrs & Under100m Individual MedleyOlivia Saunders2:36.572009
Girls6yrs100m Individual MedleyOlivia Saunders2:17.652010
Girls7yrs100m Individual MedleyOlivia Saunders1:51.942011
Girls8yrs100m Individual MedleyOlivia Saunders1:44.092012
Girls9yrs100m Individual MedleyOlivia Saunders1:32.842013
Girls10yrs100m Individual MedleyTara Betts1:39.091997
Girls10yrs200m Individual MedleyOlivia Saunders2:59.402014
Girls11yrs100m Individual MedleyKate Jackson1:29.101995
Girls11yrs200m Individual MedleyJaime Grobler3:07.722021
Girls12yrs200m Individual MedleySamantha O'Neill3:03.312017
Girls13yrs200m Individual MedleyEllie Camilleri2:49.322011
Girls14yrs200m Individual MedleyEllie Camilleri2:47.292012
Girls15yrs200m Individual MedleyAnna Camilleri2:45.102011
Girls16yrs & Over200m Individual MedleyEmma Poetschka2:50.562010

Kootingal Moonbi Swimming Club Life Members

Greg Poetschka – 10th May, 2014

Graham Johnstone – 29th May, 2018

Chelley Johnstone – 29th May, 2018